Make screenshots ingame and upload them to ParkitectNexus with 1 click!

How to

Download the mod and start Parkitect. A popup will ask for an api key. You can find your personal api key on your account settings page (Yes, you need a ParkitectNexus account). Do not share this key with other people, it's like a password. Done, you're all set up!


  • Windows: F11
  • OSX: Option + F11 (you probably need to push the fn key also to trigger F11 on apple keyboards)

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06 May 2018, 16:21

Its no longer here. Parkitect add screenshot

14 June 2016, 16:37

@LuukHolleman i cant get the screenshots i take to the Screenshots folder

06 May 2016, 15:16

@MackJason please create a thread on the support forums

05 May 2016, 15:54

Whenever I try to click "Install with Parkitect Nexus Client" I get an error message saying the URL is invalid, anybody know how to fix this? Have some really cool screenshots I want to show!

30 April 2016, 21:02

@Airboss, it already does. It saves them in documents/parkitect/screenshots (atleast it should)

30 April 2016, 19:13

@LuukHolleman I know, but I would also like to see a way to download the pic to your PC.

30 April 2016, 14:42

@Airboss it does upload to PN

30 April 2016, 14:37

Awesome! I would love to see a way to upload to PN, but also download to your PC.

12 March 2016, 13:21

Internal Server Error 500 with current version and Pre-Alpha 8 !? @LuukHolleman

14 January 2016, 20:51

Does this work for pre-alpha 6b